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Tampa Police Department’s 2010 Focus on Four Crime Reduction Plan

Dear Citizen,

Just eight years ago, the City of Tampa had the unique distinction of having one of the highest crime rates in the nation for a city our size. The need for change was obvious. We were losing the war on crime and it was time for a new direction. We launched a strategic crime reduction plan, that we eventually named “Focus on Four.” As a result, Part 1 crime has plummeted 61 % and public support has climbed to an unprecedented level.

Our first course of action was to simplify our mission. It now states, “The mission of the Tampa Police Department is to reduce crime and improve the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with the community.”   We then devised four basic tenets centered on that philosophy.

• Redistribution of Tactical Resources
• Intelligence Led Policing
• Proactive and Preventative Policing Initiatives
• Partnering with the Community

These four guiding components target four high volume pattern crimes: burglary, robbery, auto burglary and auto theft. Reducing these offenses dramatically decreased the crime rate and the ripple effect of catching those criminals had a profound impact on the reduction of more violent offenses.

Our success reducing crime in Tampa would not be possible without your support! We hope that sharing our story will strengthen existing relationships in the community and encourage more citizens to partner with us. To join our efforts in your neighborhood, please call my office directly at (813) 276-3799 or email kevin.petry@tampagov.net.


        Chief of Police

Read more about TPD's 2010 Crime Reduction Plan here


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Posted by swannestates2 on 09/06/2011
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