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HOT REPORT POSTED April 12, 2016 


Neighborhood Watch Meetings posted City of Tampa website

http://www.tampagov.net/calendar/month for:




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Effective February 27, 2014 - Crime Alerts and Attempt to ID are on Big 4 Reports (See pages & Links)




Neighborhood Watch (NHW) concept centers on community and police working together for the safety and protection of a neighborhood. NHW is an organization made of citizens who are concerned about their community.  It is a means of bringing the community and police together in a cooperative effort to solve the problem of crime.

Citizens are encouraged to call the police when they observe suspicious activity and to furnish the police with whatever information is available to them. Confrontation and apprehension of suspicious individuals should be left to the police.  However, the exchange of information between citizens and police is a vital link in achieving the desired effectiveness of crime prevention.


The future impact of the Neighborhood Watch Program on crime is unlimited.  Since its inception the NHW program has grown steadily.  The program's success will depend on the continued participation of the citizens, and their ability to work with the police to tackle problems.


The purpose of Neighborhood Watch (NHW) program:

I.  - Assist the police in crime reduction through:

- reporting suspicious activity

- observation,

- visual deterrennce.

II - Increase communication between police and community through:

- increased direct interaction

- educate citizens about Tampa Police Department daily activities,as shown on District One - Big 4 Morning Reports, which are 1.)Stolen Vehicles; 2.) Auto Burglary; 3.)  Robbery and 4.)  Home/Business Burglary

Key for Big 4 Morning Reports:


S10 - Stolen Vehicle

S21 - Auto Burglary

S23 – Robbery

S25 - Home/Business Burglary


Report Suspicious Activity to Police: (Non-Emergency) 813

Police, Fire and Medical Emergency: 9-1-1


District One Map


If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch program for your community, contact:

Maryanne Hunsberger, Crime Prevention Practitioner,

Tampa Police Department,

Uniform District One,

3818 Tampa Bay Blvd

Tampa, FL

Office telephone number (813)-354-6692

Cell phone number  (813)-310-8392











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